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    1. History

      Birth: the company was formerly known as Xinjiang Local State-owned Chemical Factory. It was founded on January 28, 1960. In 1961, the sulphur black was manufactured successfully. In April 1964, the company was moved to South Steet, Drum Tower, Linfen City, and was named as Jinnan Local State-owned Linfen Dye Factory. In, 1974, railway special line was established. In 1975, the original Ministry of Chemical Industry selected our sulphur black as standard sample. The annual output of sulphur black was 1,007.2 tons, taxes and profits were 278,000 million Yuan RMB.

      Growth: in 1976, the company established double sulphur black workshop, vat pink workshop, ice making workshop, single sulphur black workshop. In 1978, fast scarlet RC won the title of best product in China; in 1980, sulphur black, fast scarlet RC won the title of excellent product in Shanxi province; in 1981, the factory was rated as advanced unit of high-quality sulphur black by Ministry of Chemical Industry. In 1990, the output was 21,000 tons, taxes and profits were 11,128 million Yuan RMB.

      Difficulty: (1991-1996) in 1989, the infrastructure and production equipment were upgraded, and the company became a middle-sized chemical enterprise. The company loaned more than 37 million Yuan RMB for relocation, thus a serious shortage of funds was caused. Rate of operation was in 1994 was 65%, was 60% in 1995. In 1993, the Sino-foreign joint venture Shanxi Huayang Dye Chemicals Co., Ltd. was established by the company with Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

      Breakthrough: (1996-2007) in 1996, Shanxi province released the "debt-to-equity swap" policy, thus some loans were turned into capital shock of the company. In 1997, the company was converted into limited liability company, and it was supported by banks. The production scale of sulphur black was enlarged, and the production capacity reached 35,000 tons/year. Our new products soluble sulphur black and leather black were launched respectively. In 2007, the annual sales revenue was 243 million Yuan RMB, and the profits and taxes were more than 20 million Yuan RMB.

      Solid development foundation: (2008-) in 2009, the company completed "coal to gas" project, and it introduced clean energy. The company strives to establish a development road of "characteristic and distinguishing products, high-quality services". The output of sulphur black ranks the first in China. We are the unique manufacturer of vat pink R products in the world. 

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