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    1. CEO's Note
      Ladies and gentlemen:
      Welcome to browse the website of shanxi linfen dyeing chemicals (group) company.

      China's economy has entered a "from the speed type to quality efficiency type of extensive growth and intensive growth," the new normal, the new normal bring new opportunities and new challenges. Dye manufacturing industry is full of changes, new technologies, new processes, new products dominated the development direction of the industry, shanxi linfen dyeing chemicals (group) co., ltd. will, as always in the era of the beat.
      Place in today's society, looking around the natural and social environment, shanxi linfen dyeing chemicals (group) co., LTD. Clear shoulder social responsibility, in accordance with the law, management, safety is more important than mount tai, clear water, blue sky for the benefit of future generations, to create more wealth for the society.

      One dye manufacturing industry, tight on the downstream industry development situation, shanxi linfen dyeing chemicals (group) co., LTD. The pursuit of perfection, to provide customers with the most product environmental protection, the economy, as the glittering world of ours, with customers, suppliers, partners, employees and seek common development, create great.

      Stand historical tide, seeing the changeable world, the whole country is at a solid pace, along the road to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation collect rich Chinese dream. Shanxi linfen dyeing chemicals (group) co., ltd. adhering to the "to take on responsibilities, the pursuit of excellence. The good faith friendly, cooperative and win-win" business philosophy, the brighter future of infinite.

      Here, on behalf of the shanxi linfen dyeing chemicals (group) co., ltd. all staff sincerely thank the people from all walks of life for a long time to our care and support, sincerely hope that with you hand in hand advance together, altogether creates magnificently.

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