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    1. Sulphur Black Sulphur parti-color Medicine intermediates Vat pink R Dye intermediates Others


      White crystal or powder

      【Qulity standard】

      Appearance: White crystal or powder
      Content: ≥99%
      Melting Point: ≥225°C 
      Moisture: ≤0.2%
      Chloride ion content: ≤0.005%
      Sulfate radical content: ≤10ppm

      Applicable to hair shampoo, hair conditioner, skin refreshener, liquid cream, foundation make-up, rough and lipstick etc.

      【Starage and transportation】
      It stored in drying and ventilation place, preventing from sunlight, moisture and hotness, transporting carefully and lightly.

      In woven bag of 25kg each lined with plastic bag.


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