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      C.I. Solubilised Sulphur Black 1(53185)

      Blank grain (powder),solublc in water.

      【Qulity standard】 
      1.Appearance:Black grain (powder)
      2.Spectrometer strength,score(as the standard):100±5
      3. Strength.score(as the standard) :100±3
      4.Shade(as the standard):no difference
      5.Insoluble matters in water,%:≤0.5
      6.Loss of drying %:≤7.0
      7.Solubility ,g/L(60℃):≥60
      8.Fastness of dyes on cotton fabries

      Dyeing depth, % Res-
      istance Sunlight
      Resistance washing with soap at 95°C Resistance perspiration Rubbing Ironing at 200°C
      acid alkali
      Change Stain on cotton Stain on wool Change Stain on cotton Stain on wool Change Stain on cotton Stain on wool Dry wet Change (after 4 hours)
      6 6 3-4 4 4-5 4 4-5 4-5 4 4-5 4-5 2-3 1-2 4

      Note: 6% (owf) equivalent to 1/1 of the dyeing depth standard. Used for assessment of leather products are not on the cotton fabric color fastness.

      Mainly used for dyeingand winding dyeing on cotton,jute,viscose,polyyinyl alcohol fibre and polyester ,polyamide fibre,especially used for rolling dyeing.It is uniform and stable in colour,good permeability when dyeing without any frahile treatment .It is also used for dyeing on Ieather and original viscose fibre.

      【Starage and transportation】
      Because of its strong wet absorption.it mast be handled with care,stored in drying and ventilation place,preventing from sunlight,moisture and hotness.Transporting earefull and lightly.

      In iron drums inner-lined with plastic bag,25Kg net each

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